Big screens, big drinks, big action: Upper Deck (Kyungridan)

by Liam Ring
Groove Korea (

Open since mid-January 2014, the Upper Deck has dedicated itself to the goal of bringing top quality sport to Kyungridan, with American-style bar food and a variety of beverages to keep the locals happy. The bar offers 12 beers on tap, a variety of bottled beer, liquors, and cocktails, and competitively priced food.  All set then to keep the hungry and thirsty satisfied.

The venue offers three floors of entertainment, with six 50- to 70-inch screens in addition to two three-meter HD projection TVs, so fans will have no problem getting a panoramic view of their sporting heroes. In addition to showing major UFC events (the bar sponsors a local MMA fighter), it has in the past also shown major championships such as the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA finals and World Cups, meaning that the upcoming Rugby World Cup will be little different.

Upper Deck opens from 5pm until around 2am on weekdays, and 11am until the intriguingly termed “late” on weekends, meaning that the rugby-obsessed Kyungnidan resident has every chance of getting late games, particularly on the weekend. Promising to focus on what the customer wants, Upper Deck is well-situated to offer plenty in September and beyond.

Photo courtesy of Upper Deck

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