A bilingual app Shuttle delivers food in South Korea

A bilingual app Shuttle delivers food in South Korea

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

There are going to be times that going off base to a restaurant or cooking a meal at home feels like too much effort or is too time-consuming. In the States there are many food delivery options. In Korea, if you’re an English speaker, you may feel left out of the delivery phone app craze.

A quick search through the app store will bring up many food delivery apps like Yogiyo, Baedal Minjeok or Baedal Tong – but they are completely in Korean. To top it off, Uber, the U.S. platform you may be familiar with, had to pull out of Korea after being unable to compete with homegrown apps.

But, don’t despair, Shuttle Delivery is here! Shuttle, a bilingual delivery app, launched in the Itaewon area of Seoul in 2016. Craving a juicy burger, zesty wings, or Korean food? Shuttle Delivery recently extended its coverage to restaurants outside of Camp Humphreys’ gates.

As expected, if you live on base, you will have the minor inconvenience of having to meet the delivery person at the gate. The app is free to download and delivery fees for your order vary depending on distance and area. You can also order from their web platform if you don’ t have the app downloaded on your phone. Pay in won, U.S. dollars, using all major credit cards, Korean debit card, PayPal or Bitcoin. Delivery service runs from 11 a.m. to midnight.

Don’t let a busy schedule, or a language barrier, stop you from enjoying the convenience of food delivery. Try this app next time you’re in a pinch.


Food delivered to your door
Shuttle Website
Available on Android and iOS

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