Busan advocates safe dining for prevention of COVID-19

Busan advocates safe dining for prevention of COVID-19

by Haps Staff
haps Korea Magazine

The city of Busan is set to improve the eating culture around the city and create a dining environment that citizens can safely use.

The city has selected three core tasks for the prevention of COVID-19 and designated 1,500 restaurants to comply with them.

The three major tasks are providing and providing tools that can be eaten, professional sanitary cutlery management, and workers wearing masks.

When a restaurant in the building applies for the designation of a safe restaurant with their local district, the city and district can designate it as a safe restaurant after confirming whether they are implementing the three tasks and other requirements. 

The city of Busan plans to produce and distribute stickers that inform consumers that it is a safe restaurant by supporting items such as personal plates, tongs, and scoops to create a safer food culture.

Shin Je-ho, director of the Welfare and Health Bureau of Busan City, said, “We hope to contribute to the establishment of a sanitary food culture to create a dining environment that can be used by citizens with confidence and to help the local economy.”

The city said it will designate select restaurants that comply with these rules as restaurants safe to eat at until the new pandemic virus crisis is normalized.

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