Busan: Millak-dong Raw Fish Town

by Korea Tourism Organization
Korea Tourism Organization

Located in Millak-dong, Busan, Millak Raw Fish Town is a street with about 300 hoe (raw fish) restaurants that offer fresh raw fishes at inexpensive prices. Originally founded as a typical traditional market, the area has slowly transformed into a raw fish town and the restaurants located here are famous for the magnificent night views of the Busan Gwangandaegyo Bridge that you can get by looking out of the windows.

On the 1st floor of a raw fish center and then proceed to one of the restaurants located from the 2nd floor through the 10th floor (varies by buildings). The staff at the restaurant will then slice the fish that you had picked and serve it with sauce and some side dishes for a small charge. As most of the restaurants do not accept credit cards, you are advised to prepare cash when you visit here.

Price: Between 10,000 won and 30,000 won per person (vary according to types of fish) / 5,000 won per person (table setting fee)

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