Busan neighborhoods: Jeonpo Cafe District

Busan neighborhoods: Jeonpo Cafe District

by Ryan Hofer
Busan Haps Magazine

This several-square-block, funky little slice of Busan that was once an industrial-residential area is a neighborhood like no other in our port city.

As the winter continues on, that warm apartment floor might tempt you to stay inside all day, but there are plenty of cozy places in Jeonpo’s Cafe District that provide a fun day or night of exploring. This relatively new, funky little neighborhood is rich in character and design that you won’t often find in the typical Korean cityscape. 

Over the past two years, what once was a part of town with machine shops and old houses has turned into an area full of trendy cafes and restaurants.

By no means a definitive list, here are a few of the many places worth a visit as you wander the streets of this curious new neighborhood in the heart of Busan.

Seoul Kitchen – Unassuming with a minimal aesthetic, this 2nd floor cafe feels like a secret with its own integrity. You might feel the urge to read fine literature or be inspired to start your own creative project when the light pours in through the windows. Bring along a friend and enjoy rice bowls with mushrooms, salmon or pork. Especially recommended for vegetarians.

Dal – Right next to Seoul Kitchen’s entrance, you’ll find Dal – a small bar run by two friends.  The inviting atmosphere would be appealing in any part of the world, but especially here in Busan, it stands out with high-quality drinks, friendly service and a conversational vibe. Dal is open in the evenings, when you can meet your friends or your date. Service is prompt, and they’ll be happy to suggest new cocktails for you to try.

Dala Chocolate Cafe - Serving liquid chocolate and truffles, this cafe specializes in converting our other favorite bean into a host of delicious forms. This is the place to feed your chocolate craving; just looking at the cooler full of truffles will transfix casual visitors and chocolate fiends alike.

Suda – Quirky and fun, Suda is a favorite for studying or chatting in the afternoons and evenings. Another Jeonpo gem, this cafe fills up regularly at night, and the three women who work here are always busy preparing drinks to be presented on small trays in an endearing and personal way. Try the refreshing grapefruitade, or even a simple Americano that feels uniquely Suda when presented with personal warmth and a cup of free snacks.

Getting to Jeonpo Cafe District: Take line two to Jeonpo Station. Go straight out exit 7. Walk for two blocks and then turn left, down a slight hill towards Seomyeon.

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