Change cold service to warm by using ICE

by Kim, Dong-Hwan
USAG Daegu Public Affairs

DAEGU GARRISON — You may have seen the Interactive Customer Evaluation boxes scattered throughout Area IV, but may not realize the boxes are there to receive important feedback from customers about services and facilities on installations.

The ICE program provides a voice for every single member of the community to suggest improvements or even thank someone for a good job.

The purpose of the ICE program is to facilitate the flow of communication and responses between the customer and the service provider.

From the service provider point of view, comments from ICE offer them an opportunity to take stock of their services and improve based on the feedback received from the customer. From the customer perspective, they can now receive superior quality services inside the base.

Additionally, ICE is essential because it provides a Garrison commander an indication of how well the services of his garrison and other service providers are answering the needs of the community.

The ICE system can be accessed by anyone who uses a service provided by the garrison or other service provider inside the installation. The ICE website provides 24/7 service for comments or suggestions. The site is You must search for “daegu” in the search bar to get to local services..

Once ICE comments are submitted, they are forwarded to the service manager. The manager must respond within three working days – of course, if the customer does not leave contact information they will not receive any response. The service provider then addresses the issue brought up in ICE comments, if it is within their power.

It should be noted that there will never be a negative outcome from an ICE comment. You can leave contact information so you can get feedback and do so with no fear of any retaliation.

Despite the fact that most people view ICE as a ‘complaint’ system, positive feedback remains as important to providers so that they know what they are doing right. It is also a great way to recognize that person that went out of their way to do a good job, which goes a long way towards inspiring continued high performance. And that in turn goes a long way to improving the Army’s home in Area IV.

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