Codfish Soup Delight – Giwajip Daegutang on Dalmaji, Busan

Codfish Soup Delight – Giwajip Daegutang on Dalmaji, Busan

by Yoona Kang
haps Korea Magazine

Located on Dalmaji and overlooking the ocean, Giwajip Daegutang has been one of the “must eat at restaurants” in Busan for years. They serve only one kind of dish, Daegutang (codfish soup), so you can order just by number.

The soft radish blends perfectly with a heaping bowl of codfish in their deep-tasting soup, accompanied by simple, but delicious side dishes. The meal is perfect for lunch, dinner, or haejang.

The well-cooked codfish, which is chock full of protein, calcium, and phosphorus, is so soft, and the thick soup slowly boiled over time slides down your throat and soothes your body throughout.

You can put the ready-to-use pepper-based paste to make the soup spicy, or vinegar to make it more light and refreshing.

The endless side dishes are freshly made each morning and vary daily. While the food may be to die for, the service could seem a little cold according to many local diners.

It gets busy during lunchtime, but there are so many seats and rooms that you probably won’t have a problem finding a seat. However, although there is a huge parking lot, it is difficult to park and cars are in line during lunchtime.

While there are other locations around Busan, including Seomyeon and the City Hall area, this is their flagship store in the city.

Restaurant Information
Giwajip Daegutang (기와집 대구탕)

Open: 8:00 – 21:00 daily (need to check for Seollal and Chuseok holidays)
Address: 46, Dalmaji-gil 104beongil, Haeundae-gu, Busan
Phone: 051-731-5020
Reservation: Available
Parking: Available
Take-out: Available

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