Col. Jeremy Sloane takes command of the Wolf Pack

by Senior Airman Katrina Heikkinen, 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Kunsan Air Base

KUNSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -  -- The Wolf Pack welcomed Wolf 55 during a change of command ceremony at the 3-Bay Hangar here May 21.

Col. Jeremy "Wolf" Sloane, 8th Fighter Wing commander, accepted the guidon from Col. Ken Ekman, outgoing commander, as Lt. Gen. Terrence O'Shaughnessy, 7th Air Force and Air Component Command U.S. Forces Korea/U.S. Combined Forces commander, presided over the ceremony.

"It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome the 8th Fighter Wing Wolf 55, Colonel Jeremy 'Kid' Sloane and his new Wingman, Wolf Chief 18, Command Chief [Daniel] Simpson," O'Shaughnessy said. "As a command pilot with over 2,500 fighter flying hours, including 250 combat hours, and multiple challenging commands, Colonel Sloane understands what it takes to serve as the leader of the Wolf Pack. Today you take command of not just 2,700 of the finest Airmen in the world, but of the Air Force's most storied wing. As the Wolf, you will ensure the readiness of this wing and maintain its abilities to 'fight tonight.'"

After previously serving as the vice commander of the 56th Fighter Wing, Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, Sloane expressed his enthusiasm for his first assignment on the Korean Peninsula.

"To the men and women of the 8th Fighter Wing, I am humbled and honored to be taking command of the Wolf Pack. Across the Air Force, there's always been a mystique surrounding this place," Sloane said. "From BOLO to Beverly, the history of the wing resonates across the ages, and I see its legacy in you. Now that I'm here, I sense that that mystique comes from a pride and a focus that's been uniquely forged in a combat wing that has spent decades as the tip of the spear; decades taking mission readiness to another level."

Before relinquishing command to Sloane, Ekman saluted the Wolf Pack one last time as wing commander before reflecting on his time with the Wolf Pack.

"This has been the most rewarding service in my professional life," Ekman said. "To the members of the mighty Wolf Pack, the achievements we reflect on today are yours. I am so proud of your endeavors--spanning mission, Airmen and families and peninsula cooperation. You have advanced our ability to fight tonight and you have taken care of each other in the process."

Sloane echoed Ekman's confidence in the Wolf Pack's ability to uphold its mission capabilities.

"I'm excited, and I'm honored to be your commander," Sloane said. "We stand ready to defend the base, accept follow-on forces and take the fight north."

As part of the 7th AF and U.S. Forces Korea, Sloane will serve as Area VI commander for more than 7,000 combat-ready and forward-stationed U.S. Armed Forces personnel.

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