Cold Noodles: Naeho Naemyeon

Cold Noodles: Naeho Naemyeon

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By the time Naeho Naengmyeon, the first milmyeon eatery in Busan, was featured on TV for its popularity, long lines of customers were already spilling from its front doors and out into the streets. Naeho Naengmyeon’s milmyeon may look like traditional naengmyeon, but since the noodles are made entirely of wheat flour, the result is a much softer texture. Noodles are then topped with ample broth and garnished with sliced egg, meat, cucumber and shredded radish. It’s a spicy version of the standard so refreshing, you may find yourself lined up in the street for it.

How to get there: Take bus Nos. 23, 68, 168 in front of Lotte Department Store in Seomyeon or bus Nos. 26, 134 out of exit 14 of Jungang-dong Station. Then, get off at the Nambu Jungang Saemaeul Geumgo or seventh Budu (pier) bus stop, cross the road and enter the adjoining alley.

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