Creamy bread to dance for at Bbang Dabang

Creamy bread to dance for at Bbang Dabang

by Korea Tourism Organization
Korea Tourism Organization
The popular Bbang Dabang in Gangneung is almost like a Holy Land among Korea’s cream bun lovers. Bbang Dabang uses 100% fresh cream without any additives, serving buns filled with rich and smooth cream. The bakery serves as a café as well, providing drinks to go along with their signature buns. If you agree that eating is one of the best pleasures a trip can offer, don’t miss out on the sweet guilty pleasure that await you at Bbang Dabang!
The must-try at Bbang Dabang is of course their signature cream buns. In particular, strawberry and green tea cream buns are so popular that they can run out even before the day ends. A fresh strawberry is hidden within the refreshing strawberry flavored cream, playing a major role in making this bun one of the top selling items at this bakery. As for the bakery’s signature green tea cream bun, it won the hearts of cream bun lovers nationwide with its taste of bittersweet green tea cream layered with sweet red bean. If you are craving something sweeter, try the choco bomb; its ensemble of chocolate and nutty crunchiness will boost your energy for your next stop.
Bbang Dabang
Address: 2263, Gyeonggang-ro, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do 
Operating hours: 12:00-21:00 (Subject to early closure when breads are sold out) / Closed Mondays 
Signature menus: 
Strawberry cream bun 3,000 won 
Green tea cream bun 3,000 won 
Choco bomb 3,000 won
Americano 2,000 won
Café latte 3,000 won 
* Additional 500 won for iced drinks

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