Create Your Own Monster Pizza at 300 Degree

Create Your Own Monster Pizza at 300 Degree

by Yoo Jin Oh
Groove Korea

Led by Marco Gaspari, 300 Degree outshines many of the countless Italian options in Seoul with its signature one meter long pizza and their commitment to serving authentic home-cooked flavours. From their freshly-baked doughs to their incredibly well balanced sauces, 300 Degree serves pizza as it should be: rich, savory, and unpretentious. They’re also open till late with a wide range of beers, wines, and cocktails, making it a great bar to rendezvous with friends for inexpensive and exceptional side dishes.

Although 300 Degree is more well-known for its pizzas, the various Italian side dishes are simply too impressive and unique to be overlooked. Olive all’ Ascolana, a traditional side dish from Ascoli in central Italy, is an incredibly addictive fried meatball stuffed with green olives. Crispy on the outside and piping hot and tender on the inside, it is the perfect balance of texture and flavor. For a richer and heartier option try the arancini, creamy cheese-filled risotto balls deep-fried until golden and flakey.

Taking up the entire length of a table, 300 Degree’s iconic one meter pizza is both an impressive sight and smell. Diners can choose three different toppings from a list of over twenty tomato or cream-based options. Despite a few unconventional names such as “Ladies” and “Awesomeness,” the toppings are genuinely Italian (sorry, no sweet corn or pineapple). For a familiar classic taste, try the prosciutto crudo. With the first bite, you can really taste the bold flavours of rucola, parmesan, and prosciutto coming together.

In the mood to indulge? Rustica bianca is a Sunday roast on a pizza. The rich cream-based sauce is topped with minced pork and crispy fried potatoes and brought together by the striking flavor of rosemary. Ladies, a meatless option, is also an excellent choice with fresh tomatoes, feta, eggplant, and mozzarella. For a smaller party, it is possible to order a single pizza (50cm) but it’ll definitely be a challenge picking just one topping (or two for an additional KRW 5,000).

If tiramisu is their dessert of the day, you’re in for a real treat. 300 Degree serves the most kick-ass yet elegant tiramisu (not the cheesecake variety). On top of biscuits beautifully soaked in rich espresso, the delicate and light mascarpone cream gives way to hints of cocoa and marsala wine.

Located a five minute walk from Konkuk University, 300 Degree is captivating Seoul’s appetite and Instagram accounts. From start to finish, 300 Degree will impress you with the quality of dishes often overlooked as simple or ordinary. Grab friends and pay a visit to 300 Degree. It’ll definitely be worth the trip.

Prices: One meter pizza KRW 44,000, pizzas KRW 20,000-32,000, arancini KRW 8,000
Recommended dishes: olive all’ Ascolana, arancini, rustica bianca pizza, porchetta
Drinks: wine by the glass KRW 8,000, wine by the bottle from KRW 40,000, cocktails from KRW 7,000

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