Daegu: Anjirang Gopchang Town

by Korea Tourism Organization
Stripes Korea

Anjirang Gopchang Town in Daegu boasts an impressive 40-year history, which began when one gopchang (beef/pork tripe) restaurant after another opened on one side of the market. Today, gopchang restaurants naturally fill up both sides of a 500-meter long alley.

By either using traditional Korean medicinal herbs to give the dish more flavors and fragrance, or by inventing a special sauce, it takes great effort for the restaurants in Anjirang Gopchang Town to come up with something special in order to differentiate their eatery from the others. Additionally, the use of various heating power such as grilling over briquet fire, charcoal or natural gas is the secret to the creating different tastes.

Price: Gopchang (beef/pork tripe) 12,000 won per 500g

Nearby Tourist Attractions: Daegu Apsan Park / Nakdong River Victory Memorial Hall


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