Dongbaek Cafe, an elderly-youth generation convergence cafe opens in Seo-Busan

Image: City of Busan
Image: City of Busan

Dongbaek Cafe, an elderly-youth generation convergence cafe opens in Seo-Busan

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Dongbaek Bakery, a generation convergence café, along with ‘Sasang Senior Club’, a job training organization for the elderly, and ‘Western Tea House’, a youth social enterprise have opened in the factory area of ​​Seobusan.

Located at 475-14 Sasang-ro, the former kindergarten building was remodeled and reopened as ‘Dongbaek Bakery’, a rest stop selling coffee, bakery, and fancy goods.

Here, elderly people who participate in jobs for the elderly serve while young people with baking licenses make coffee and bread.

Taking this as an opportunity, the city plans to expand and promote the ‘Generation Convergence Cafe Project’, which introduces and operates youth cafe managers in the cafe-type stores of the senior job project starting next year.

In addition, Busan City was selected for the Ministry of Public Administration and Security’s ‘regional-led youth employment project contest’, and next year, additional youth managers are scheduled to be assigned to four senior job cafes.

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