Eat like a Korean local: Enjoy noodles and dumplings at Songjeongjip

Eat like a Korean local: Enjoy noodles and dumplings at Songjeongjip

by Yoona Kang

They buy the only ingredients they have to like vegetables, meat and unpolished rice. Other than that, they make everything all by themselves. They polish rice and make noodles and dumpling wrappers without any starch -- almost 100% wheat. Everything here is fresh.

Around Songjeong Beach, there is a casual Korean restaurant that has a wooden based interior, delightful staff in uniforms and fresh, homemade food will make you want to come again and again.



They have a simple menu (8 kinds of food) with reasonable prices, but their enthusiasm for food is not simple at all. They are strict about sanitation and food quality and they make all their own noodles in-house, so they had to give up some possible table space to store their fresh ingredients. To show how strict they are about quality and freshness — if 40 minutes passes after the rice is made, they won’t serve it to their customers.

The owner even contemplated how to store spoons and chopsticks on every table and, after experimenting, concluded the best way would be to store them in green tea. They use green tea powder from Jirisan and once the table is used, the green tea is thrown away.

A bowl of rice is served free at your request. Avoid lunch time as it’s hard to get a table and parking is possible.

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