Eat like a local: Casual dining with a view – Con in Millak

Eat like a local: Casual dining with a view – Con in Millak

by Yoona Kang
Busan Haps Magazine

Located right next to Gwangan Beach Land and facing the ocean, Con, which opened this summer, offers a warm and romantic casual atmosphere, decent Mexican cuisine and fantastic views.

This three story building has a different concept for each floor. The first floor is mainly for brunch and dessert and the white-based modern interior with countless lights tempts even people who normally wouldn’t take pictures and selfies to do so.

The second floor dining section offers a wide-open space with its simple interior somewhat highlighting the panoramic views while the third floor is a lounge bar which is only open for group reservations or for the Busan Fireworks Festival.

While it bills itself as a Mexican restaurant, Con’s offerings are slightly more catered to an international menu. I dined with two companions on the second floor for dinner, where we ordered tomato pasta for 15,000 won (top in the main photo), the beef burrito which was 14,500 won and chicken quesadilla for 14,500 won. As far as the Mexican food goes, it was good and well-prepared, but don’t expect to be blown away by it — prices are a bit high but the views from each floor and the ambience offsets it.

They have imported bottled beer which ranges from 7,500 won to 10,000 won, a small selection of draft beer from 6,000 won to 9,000 won, wine and vodka. Several kinds of coffee and tea are also offered between 5,500 won to 8,500 won. Brunch sets are 18,000 won or 20,000 won.

The windows are all folding doors which they open during the summer and they also use outside tables on the patio when the weather is warmer.

The first floor is usually quite busy especially during brunch time. Free WiFi is offered and take out is available.

A huge parking lot is available on site — two hour parking is free for customers who dine and one-hour parking for customers who had only beverages. An additional charge of 1,500 won per thirty minutes is applicable after the free parking hours.

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