Eat Like a Local: Goryeo-Myeonok in Namcheon-dong

Eat Like a Local: Goryeo-Myeonok in Namcheon-dong

by Yoona Kang
Busan Haps Magazine

Myeonok means ‘a noodle restaurant’. This 17-year old Goryeo-Myeonok seems like a naengmyeon restaurant, but there is quite a variety of food to choose from. However, I go to this place mainly when I want both meat and very spicy food. Maeun galbi-jjim (spicy beef-rip stew) is my go-to and to me it is their best. Also, they supply meat and seasoning for maeun galbi-jjim to a meat restaurant in Seomyeon.

There are four levels for maeun galbi-jjim (in the main photo, maeun-mat 2 big portion, 45,000 won); sunhan-mat, maeun-mat 1, maeun-mat 2, eoksuro maeun-mat. Sunhan means ‘mild’ and maeun means ‘spicy’, and eoksuro maeun-mat is the spiciest they offer.

I cannot eat crazy spicy food, but I always have maeun-mat 2, the second spiciest. With only one spoonful, you will immediately feel the heat. You may be suddenly be hit by the awe of your burning tongue and you will start to sweat and breathe heavily, but it is ironically enjoyable and pleasant. (It is very rare, but there can be bone chips sometimes so be careful.)

Their homemade-style wang-mandu (big pork dumplings, left on top in the photo above) is quite recommendable, and the price is 3,000 won for three and 5,000 won for five. Wang galbitang (bottom in the photo above) is 10,000 won, in which you can put some red paste next to the lettuce in the photo above if needed, and naengmyeon and bibim naengmyeon are 8,000 won each (10,000 won for a bigger portion).

On the first floor, you can have the food I mentioned so far. On the second floor, they serve pork and beef like a usual Korean meat restaurant. Side dishes are freshly made at the restaurant and are self-serve.

This place at lunch time, especially during the summer, is very busy. It has a wide dining area and can accommodate larger groups. In that case, reservations are recommended.


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