Eat Like a Local: Homestyle Korean meals – Bap Hansul Tteuso in Oncheon

by Yoona Kang
Busan Haps Magazine

Located in Oncheon 2-dong, Bap Hansul Tteuso offers homemade style Korean meals and anju (Korean side dishes for drinking) at reasonable prices and are popular amongst the locals.

As is normal at really popular dining establishments, the family-operating owners and staff work quick and professionally during meal service hours. Even though the restaurant may seem a bit hectic, you’ll be able to enjoy your meal as the courteous staff seems to have the place running like clockwork.

The side dishes, including kimchi, are freshly made every morning and change every day. Everyone I tried tasted exactly like something you would eat at home with no added preservatives.

Their Dolsot-bibimbap, which you can add the seasoning from a ketchup-like bottle by yourself, was really full of fresh vegetables and whilst it may not seem that fancy like at an expensive restaurant, it was perfectly prepared and is an amazing value for its 6,000 won price.

I’d also recommend their Jeyuk jeongsik which costs 7,000 won and you can see in the main photo. Diners at the table next to me had ordered sundubu-jjigae, a spicy soft tofu stew for 6,000 won that comes with rice in a simple bibimbap-style which looked great, too.

With the open kitchen and tables with only floor seating, this place is also famous for dak-bokkeum-tang, a braised spicy chicken which runs between 20,000 won and 30,000 won depending on the size that you can have either as a meal or as anju. You can also order bokkeumbap, which is fried rice, for an additional 2,000 won per portion.

Bap means ‘rice’, hansul means ‘one spoon’, and tteuso is from tteuda meaning, in this case, ‘raise’. Koreans say bap hansul tteuso to others to share their meal together in a casual but polite way. Like this name of the restaurant means, it has been ‘home’ to people who work or live around it and are looking for a home-cooked style meal.

It is pretty busy during lunch and dinner times so reservations are recommended for larger groups. They prepare everything in the morning and they tend to close for the day regardless of the closing time when they run out of ingredients for the day.

Overall, this place is a casual Korean restaurant that offers quality, homemade style Korean food at prices that won’t hurt your wallet.

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