Eat Like a Local: Korean Beef with Fire Power – Joseon’s Hanu in Oncheon-dong

by Yoona Kang
Busan Haps Magazine
There are many ways to cook your meat at a Korean hanu restaurant, but when someone else cooks for you, it always tastes more delicious.
In this restaurant, an experienced worker cooks hanu for you at your table, who first checks the temperature of the thick pan before cooking. The meat is cooked very quickly and set on fire using a torch (see the main video), so it tasted better than I would have cooked it.
After enjoying the hanu, I ordered doenjang-jjigae (in the photo above. 5,000 won), which was cooked in the same pan at the table (they clean the pan with alcohol every time, even for different kind of hanu). Side dishes were mostly great and yukhoe (20,000 won) was also quite good.
They have three kinds of hanu that you can choose from; aged sirloin (19,000 won per 100g), boneless short rib (19,000 won per 100g), and assorted hanu (23,000 won per 100g). The first order should be at least 300g.
They do not have lunch specials and do not take reservations. Parking is available at the designated parking lot (see the information below).
I went to the one in Oncheon-dong, but Joseon’s Hanu is a chain so you may be able to find one closer to you.
Restaurant Information
Joseon’s Hanu in Oncheon-dong (조선의 한우. 온천장점)
Open: At noon – 11 pm daily
Address: 182-5, Oncheon-1dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan
Parking: 210-16, Oncheon-1dong, Dongnae-gu, Busan
Phone: 051-557-3933

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