Eat Like a Local: Mackerel Chueotang (loach soup) in Yeongdo

Eat Like a Local: Mackerel Chueotang (loach soup) in Yeongdo

by Dynamic Busan Staff
Dynamic Busan Staff

Mackerel chueotang is a local take on the more common loach chueotang. Made by boiling mackerel instead of loach, its nutritional values and flavors match that of the original, but at a fraction of the cost.


Jinju Restaurant in Yeongdo has been serving mackerel chueotang for more than 60 years. Ground mackerel used here deepens its flavors without a strong smell, contrary to some expectations.



Filled with siraegi (dried radish leaves) and rice in a thick broth, mackerel chueotang is a surefire morning hangover cure. Season with Chinese pepper powder provided on each table for an even more refreshing flavor, but those who go heavy-handed with the spice, be warned. You may just set your mouth on fire with the potent pepper.



Address: 2, Jeoryeong-ro 14 beon-gil, Yeongdo-gu, Busan



Hours: 4 a.m. – 1 p.m.



Information: 051-416-5948


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