Eat Like a Local: Popular brunch restaurant – Hound 908 in Gwangan Beach

by Yoona Kang
Busan Haps Magazine

Located on B1 of the Hound Hotel, Hound 908, which opened in June this year, is becoming a new popular place for brunch in the Gwangan Beach area.

Hound 908 is a multi-restaurant; a breakfast restaurant for hotel customers, and a brunch restaurant and pub for others. This place is loved not only for the food but also for the atmosphere and views (you can use the rooftop after).

Entering this place and passing by the hound statues, I was astonished by the wide-open space and ambience, and I liked the music echoing in the huge space.

There are also two separated rooms in the restaurant for small parties or meetings.

They do not have a wide variety of food choices, but everything I tried was visually appealing and tasted delicious.

There are twelve kinds of brunch options, including eggs Benedict, Belgium waffles (right in the main photo. 13,000 won), eggplant steak (left bottom in the main photo. 9,000 won), salmon steak (14,000 won), paella (13,000 won), pizza (19,000 won), and spaghetti (8,000 won, 9,000 won). I was a bit disappointed that they use ‘Hamburg steak’ for eggplant steak, but other than that, I was mostly happy.

One amazing bonus about this restaurant is that you can use the rooftop for free (you cannot bring food, but you can bring a beverage and you have to tell the staff when you order). After finishing your meal, you can take your unfinished beverage with you to the rooftop.

There was almost nobody on the rooftop during the daytime on the weekday I visited, and we enjoyed the endless skies, Gwangan beach and the peace and quiet.

Parking is available (bring your car key to the lobby after parking in front of the parking tower, then they will take care of the rest). Free WiFi is available. Reservations are recommended for bigger groups.

Restaurant Information


Breakfast 8 am – 10 am daily

Brunch 11 am – 3 pm daily

Pub 5 pm – 10 pm Wednesday, Thursday

5 pm – midnight Friday, Saturday

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