Eat Like a Local: Tasty Duck Bulgogi – Giwajip

by Yoona Kang
Busan Haps Magazine
Giwa is a Korean term for Korean traditional tiles on roof and jip means ‘house’. As you may guess by the name, this restaurant has a Korean traditional-style interior and exterior, with a nice modern touch.
There are tables with both floor and chair seating, and there is enough room between tables to be comfortable. With a quiet and quaint atmosphere, this restaurant is suitable for all purposes; a quick but replete lunch, a relaxing date, an abundant dinner with family members, or a delectable drinking time.
Their dinner service includes banchan (side dishes) made fresh every morning. All food is served ready to eat unlike the usual Korean meat restaurant way.
They have ori (Korean for duck) bulgogi (in the main photo), so (Korean for beef or cow) bulgogi, dwaeji (Korean for pork or pig) bulgogi, and sogogi jeongol (Korean style beef chowder), each of which is served in small-size (for 2-3 people) and large-size (for 3-4 people) from 25,000 won to 40,000 won.
If you have bulgogi, when there is around a quarter left, you can ask for bokkeumbap (fried rice – 2,000 won per portion); or for jeongol, where you can have noodles. They will cook in the kitchen and bring it to you. They use green tea power when seasoning the meat and it helps the food become tastier and healthier.
For the three kinds of bulgogi, you can order for one portion (10,000 won each) and therefore, if someone in your group does not like to share or wants to have a different kind, or if you are alone, you can just order by portion (this way, you cannot have bokkeumbap). They also have doenjang-jjigae (served with rice, 8,000 won) or yukgaejang (served with rice, 6,000 won).
My favorite at this restaurant is ori bulgogi (in the main photo) and the bokkeumbap afterward (in the photo above). It’s not too oily, not too spicy and nicely seasoned, it is just so tasty.
They have a relatively huge parking area, and two picnic tables outside which you can hang out a bit before leaving to enjoy a coffee. WiFi is available. Reservations are highly recommended especially for lunch and dinner time, and also so they can prepare a small desert for you.

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