Enjoy a Korean coffee shop with a Sherlock Holmes theme

by Naomi Blenkinsop
Stripes Korea

Benedict Cumberbatch has made Sherlock Holmes quite a popular character in South Korea so it comes as no surprise that 221B is a themed café devoted to him. A tasteful homage to both Sherlock Holmes and the UK, this is the perfect café to chill out or get some studying done.

Divided into two sections, the back of the café is a contrasting black and white with a TV screen playing Sherlock Holmes reruns, complete with some cozy leather couches. Up front, and a modern décor of wood with splashes of red and black play backdrop to framed portraits and memorabilia of Sherlock Holmes.

If you feel like having a lazy afternoon, read a Sherlock Holmes novel from their Sherlock mini-library.  Sherlock mugs or even Sherlock coffee beans are on sale – which is rumored to be blended with black licorice.  If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, this café will definitely be up your alley.


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