Financial Counseling can help achieve peace of mind

by Yi, Eung-Hyun
USAG Daegu Public Affairs

DAEGU GARRISON —  Whether you are just out of AIT or putting on your sergeant’s stripes, a newly commissioned officer or crusty sergeant major, managing your money takes time, patience and understanding. Your financial security is as important to the Army as it is to you – and your Army Community Services Financial Readiness Program is here to help you achieve that peace of mind.

There are too many important reasons to list all when it comes to taking charge of your finances, but your career is one. When your finances are in order, you’re able to focus on the mission.

“Planning is the number one priority in financial readiness,” said Sonya McCaw, financial readiness manager in the U. S. Army Garrison Daegu ACS on Camp Henry.

The ACS Financial Readiness Program teaches Soldiers in classroom training and in individual counseling sessions, how to save and invest their money, how to establish savings goals, debt elimination strategies and saving for emergencies.

It’s no secret that a Soldier and his or her family who are financially secure will be much more efficient and mission ready. McCaw and the staff at ACS can help guide you towards attaining that security. If life events, or maybe a few bad choices, have you behind the financial eight-ball, take the time to visit and see what they have to offer.

It will probably not be easy, but no matter how deep a hole you may be in, there is a way out. And the professional staff at ACS will design a strategy that works for you. But you must make the decision to start planning for financial success. The old saying goes, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail,” and that goes double in the financial world.

That planning can start whether you have thousands of dollars to put aside or invest every month, or even if you have $1 or $2. It does not take a lot of money to head on the road to financial security, but it does take you making the decision, and getting over to the Army Community Services building on Camp Henry – do it today!

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