Gangwon-do: Hyoseok Cultural Village Buckwheat Food Street

by Korea Tourism Organization
Stripes Korea

Buckwheat’s prominence in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do comes about largely from its pristine nature. The culinary hero, buckwheat, memil in Korean, comes in different varieties including memil-guksu (buckwheat noodles), memil-muk (buckwheat jelly), memil-buchim (buckwheat pancake), and memil-kkotsul (buckwheat flower).

Interestingly, the restaurants specializing in these menus are not centered together unlike other food-themed streets, rather found sparsely dotted throughout the village. Wherever you choose to go in, you’re guaranteed to be offered with the tastiest memil dishes.

Price: Memil Mak-guksu (Buckwheat Noodles) 6,000 won to 8,000 won / Memil-Jeonbyeong (Buckwheat Crepe), Memil-muk (Buckwheat Jelly) 6,000 won

Nearby Tourist Attractions: Bongpyeong 5-Day Market / Herbnara Farm


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