Go to Hell for some hot, delicious coffee

by Cale Noonan
Groove Korea (groovekorea.com)

Hell Café is a quaint little coffee shop located in Bogwang-dong, just outside the hustle and bustle of Itaewon. The storefront is impossible to miss with its large glass windows and jet-black sliding metal door upon which the name is written in both English and Hangeul. Inside, dim lighting and soothing music make the atmosphere of the café very inviting. A mix of small tables and an enormous wooden table attract those looking for a social coffee or a personal time-out.

Korean roasters often roast coffee beans more lightly to extract the delicate flavors and nuances of each variety. However, at Hell Café, a more traditional style of preparation is used. Hell Café owner and barista Michi Lim explains, “We like our coffee balanced. We’re not into the acidity and bitterness of coffees that have become so trendy in Seoul.” The beans are patiently roasted in small batches using a hand crank drum roaster, so the beans are darker. The result is a very rich and full-bodied coffee that excites the taste buds.

Try the delectable pairing of a famous Hell Latte alongside a slice of delicious tiramisu cake. Another must-try is a single origin coffee, which utilizes the traditional pourover method. Hell Café now also serves some classic cocktails such as gin and tonic, bourbon highball, and even Japanese favorite, Suntory Whisky highball. Whatever the order, don’t miss out on Hell Café.

Address: Hell Café Bogwang-dong 238-43, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Station: Itaewon Station (Line 6, Exit 4)

Directions: Take a quick left and a right down Bogwang-ro. Follow the road for approximately 400 m until you see Hell Café on the left, across from Korea Polytechnic University

Cost: From KRW 4,000-KRW 6,500 per cup with ~ KRW 2,000 discount for takeout.


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