Gomanaru Dolssambap serves it up hot!

by Korea Tourism Organization

Located by the Geumgang River, Gomanaru Dolssambap is a Korean restaurant specializing in hot stone pot rice served with bulgogi, boiled pork, vegetable wraps, and flower dishes. The nearby tourist attractions include Sanseong Park and the Tomb of King Muryeong.

Some menu items may differ slightly in price and are subject to change without notice.

Kkot Bibimbap (bibimbap mixed with flowers): 10,000 won
Kkot Ssambap (set menu of stone pot rice, vegetable/flower dishes, and boiled pork): 18,000 won
Kkotssam Jeongsik (set menu of stone pot rice, vegetable/flower dishes, boiled pork, and bulgogi): 23,000 won
Dolssambap (set menu of stone pot rice, vegetable dishes, and boiled pork): 15,000 won
Insam Dolsotbap (stone pot rice with ginseng): 10,000 won
Ssam Jeongsik (set meal of bulgogi and vegetables): 12,000 won
Dolssam Jeongsik (set meal of stone pot rice, vegetables, boiled pork, and bulgogi): 20,000 won

Take an intercity bus to Gongju Intercity Bus Terminal.
Take a taxi from the Terminal to Gomanaru Dolssambap. (5-10 min)

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