Gwangju Food Alley Tour: Songjeong Tteok-galbi Alley

by Korea Tourism Organization
Korea Tourism Organization

In the past, Songjeong tteok-galbi was known as a nutritious dish that people ate at traditional markets. However, it is now a famous local food of Gwangju. Tteok-galbi (grilled short rib patties) is a hand-formed patty with a one-to-one ratio of minced pork and beef mixed with pears, green plums, onions, and medicinal herbs. After a day in the fridge to set, it is cooked over charcoal while evenly coating it in a special marinade.

It tastes great eaten plain or wrapped in lettuce with rice and side dishes. When you order tteok-galbi from restaurants in the Songjeong Tteok-galbi Alley, the main dish is usually accompanied by a soup that is prepared by slow cooking pork bones in a broth with seaweed, radish, green onions and more. A tteok-galbi meal costs around 15,000 won per person, and there are approximately 14 tteok-galbi restaurants in the alley.

☞ Address: 830-6, Songjeong 2-dong, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju (vicinity of Gwangju-Songjeong Station)

☞ Public transportation (by bus):
From Gwangju Bus Terminal (U-Square), walk for about 15 minutes to arrive at Nongseong Station (Gwangju Subway Line 1).

Take the subway and get off at Gwangju-Songjeong Station (Gwangju Subway Line 1), Exit 1 (8 stations away, total travel time: approx. 40 minutes).

☞ Public transportation (by train):
Take a local bus no. 72 from Gwangju Station and travel for about 20 minutes.

Get off at Dolgogae Station and transfer to the subway to arrive at Gwangju-Songjeong Station (Gwangju Subway Line 1), Exit 1 (total travel time: approx. 50 minutes).

☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

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