Haeunmaru in Mipo for some fresh seafood

Haeunmaru in Mipo for some fresh seafood

by Yoona Kang
Busan Haps Magazine

With a plethora of raw fish restaurants to choose from around the city, Haeunmaru, located in the heart of Mipo, has come to stand out for their amazing hoe.

Almost all their ingredients are contracted from Namhae, bringing fresh fish early in the morning caught in the local waters and vegetables from Darengyi in Namhae-gun, every day.

They are also meticulous to keep fish fresh before serving, with their water system kept closest to the original seawater as possible.

This place is popular for three kinds of its hoe course meals. You can enjoy different varieties of fish and seafood with other dishes and maeuntang; VVIP is 120,000 won, Premium 80,000 won, and Special 50,000 won per person (ordering for more than one person is preferred).

I ordered the Special, which included sannakji (raw small octopus with sesame oil) that is served for more than one person.

After ordering, the first side dishes were presented, including steamed squash, salad, Korean-style steamed egg, and seasoned seaweed, all fresh and well-seasoned though some were a bit salty for me. They also served one of my favorites, mulhoe (hoe served in icy sweet and sour soup) which didn’t disappoint.

The seafood soon followed, which was so fresh and juicy with a tasty texture. The portions were so much that I almost could not finish.

Then the hoe, the main, was served with washed kimchi, laver, and rice (main photo), with which you can make your own sushi. The rice is yellow because it is cooked with berries of gardenia. One manager showed me how to eat for the best taste as the photo above, but, in my case, eating the hoe alone was the best way to enjoy it. A special bonus is the ocean view you can see while dining.

The deep tasting maeuntang was quite spicy but well-cooked (rice should be additionally ordered for 1,000 won per potion). Grilled fish and crunchy fried vegetables were also part of the delightful dining.

The amount of food for course meals is quite a lot, so make sure you have a full appetite to enjoy it. This is a kind of meal that you can enjoy slowly, taking in the scenery and talking with somebody with some alcohol if you’re in the mood.

Haeunmaru has established a big following, so between 6 and 8 p.m., it will be difficult to get a table without a reservation.

There are different kinds of tables to choose from, including floor seating, with regular table and chairs, or in rooms.

There are several kinds of options on their lunch menu for 20,000 won per person which is served until 3 p.m. except weekends and national holidays. Korean alcohol is available from 5,000 won to 50,000 won.

If you are within Haeundae, pick-up service is also available.

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