Hobakgol offers country style meals on the busy city of Busan

Ureong Ssambap Jeongsik for two people
Ureong Ssambap Jeongsik for two people

Hobakgol offers country style meals on the busy city of Busan

by Yoona Kang
haps Magazine Korea

Located on the first floor of a building around Haeundae Centum Hotel, Hobakgol has been loved by locals who miss grandma's food, which is hard to find among busy and soulless buildings since its open in April 2016.

With the cute pumpkin on its sign (hobak is pumpkin in Korean) and lovely outdoor tables, Hobakgol welcomes everyone who needs a warm meal.

The signature dish of this cozy place and also an easy choice for regulars is Ureong Ssambap Jeongsik, a rice and freshwater snails soybean soup that comes with pork bulgogi and vegetable for wraps. It is served for 8,000 won per person and you need to order at least for two.

The vegetables are usually more varied, but it seemed we got only lettuce because vegetables are so expensive in Korea these days due to the extremely hot and dry summer.

They use freshwater snails grown from clean rice fields of Jeolla-do used in their soybean soup and soybean paste. The soybean soup is mild and light and it made a good balance with other side dishes with characteristic tastes.

The bulgogi is spicy, sweet, and a bit salty, which is great for wraps. You can make a wrap with the bulgogi, rice, and soybean paste in lettuce, or ingredients from the soybean soup, rice, and soybean pasted in lettuce.

The meal is not fancy, but its down-to-earth homemade taste had everything that I needed to satisfy.

If you’re looking to have some drinks, Korean alcohol, including makgeolli from 4,000 won to 20,000 won is available as well as some dishes to accompany.

They have around ten tables including two tables for bigger groups. This place is not very big and can get busy during lunchtime.

Restaurant information

Hobakgol (호박골)

Open: 10:30 – 22:00 daily (except Seollal and Chuseok)

Address: 1F, Centum Koa Bldg., 19, Centum2-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan

Phone: 051-731-3503

Reservation: Available

Parking: Available


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