Hog Heaven in Hwaseong City

Hog Heaven in Hwaseong City

by Chris Backe
Groove Korea (groovekorea.com)

While Dongtan has more than enough fried chicken and pizza places to keep the locals happy, I was in the mood for something... different -- nothing too exotic, nothing that would make Andrew Zimmern hurl and certainly nothing overly healthy. But definitely some place that served beer.

Didn’t think it would be too hard. While on a recent trip to Dongtan’s Central Park, I wandered down the street and found a place that promised “New Zealand Barbecue & Hof.” While there aren’t too many Kiwis around this planned-city area south of Suwon, it seemed to fit the bill. Curiously, a number of seafood options were on the menu as well -- a nice alternative if you like something from the sea.

One order of smoked chicken and sausage, and a draft beer later, I found myself in, well, hog heaven. A baked potato with a hidden pineapple slice underneath is nothing extravagant, but balances out the chicken and sausage. Meanwhile, a bit of corn on the cob provides a bit of veg. I need nothing overly fancy, but this was a welcome diversion. A couple TVs offered up some sports, although I wished they’d turn off the K-pop and K-rap in what’s supposed to be a Kiwi sort of establishment. It’s set up much like any Korean-style bar, so enjoy the company you came with.

I tried like hell to finish this off -- there was just a bit more than I could put away. Were I to go with a group, I’d split up two plates between three people if you’re of average hunger, or be prepared to ask for a doggy bag for next Monday’s lunch.

It’s a nice diversion from other foreign foods, and not a bad place to take a date - or a few drinking buddies.

Where: Hwaseong city, Neung-dong Dongtan-ji-gu 28-1 (call 031-8003-3153 for directions if needed)

How to get there: From Seoul, catch bus 1551 from Gangnam Station (Line 2) or Yangjae (Line 3) out of town. It’ll be a bit of a ride down the Gyeongbu Expressway, but you’ll eventually get off at the Central Park bus stop. From there, walk straight for two blocks -- you’ll walk through a developed commercial area and enter the last building on your side of the street. If you pass the church, you’ve gone too far.

From Bundang or Suwon, bus 720-3 stops at the same Central Park stop.

If you’re a Dongtanite, it’s catty-cornered from the Dongtan-3-dong community center.

Smoking: permitted.

Pricing: average-priced for good bar food and alcohol – roughly 15,000 won for a plate and 4,000 won for a beer.

Pros: something different if burgers and pizza have gotten old.

Cons: You’re unlikely to meet many Kiwis here.

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