Hongdae Hotspots: Gusto

by Joe McPherson
Korea Tourism Organization

There looks to be a Hawaiian trend bubbling in Hongdae, with two garish tiki-themed bars/lounges currently gaining traction. A new place in what some would call a closet is run by a Hawaiian expat couple serving authentic Hawaiian comfort food. Their specialty is the loco mock, a hamburger patty smothered in rich gravy sitting on a bed of rice, topped with a runny sunny-side-up egg.

For the truly hard-core Hawaiian aficionados they also offer musubi, which can best be described as Spam sushi. A slice of Spam is placed on top of rice and wrapped in nori seaweed. The result is your new favorite food.

  • Hongik Univ. Station 홍대입구역 (Line 2, Gyeongui Line & AREX), Exit 9. The directions can be tricky if it's your first time here but they have a helpful little map on their webpage (gustolocomoco.com) that you can refer to.
  • T. 02-3142-8226

Korea Tourism Organization website

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