Jeollanam-do: Yeongam Dokcheon Octopus Street

Jeollanam-do: Yeongam Dokcheon Octopus Street

by Korea Tourism Organization
Korea Tourism Organization

Dokcheon Octopus Street is made up of 30 restaurants selling various version of dishes uding fresh octopus, caught from Yeongsan River Estuary, including horong-nakji (octopus stick) and gallak-tang (beef rib and octopus soup) and so many more.

Before the building where Estuary Bank was built along Yeongsangang River, octopus from Dokcheon mudflat was rated as the top. Though the mudflat is no longer available today, the fame remains for Dokcheon Octopus Street. Besides gallak-tang, a variety of octopus-made dishes such as yeonpo-tang (octopus soup) and nakji-bokkeum(stir-fried octopus), nakji-muchim (spicy octopus salad), san-nakji (sliced raw cctopus) and nakji-gui (grilled octopus) are also available in the Dokcheon Octopus Street.

Price: Gallak-tang (Beef Rib and Octopus Soup), Yeonpo-tang (Octopus Soup) 17,000 won to 19,000 won each / Grilled Octopus 30,000 to 50,000 won

Nearby Tourist Attractions: Yeongamho Lake / Historical Site of Dr. Wangin

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