Jeonju city to host Bibimbap Festival from October 9-12

by Haps Staff
haps Korea Magazine

One of three foods that was chosen as a representative dishes during the Joseon Dynasty, bibimbap has long been a favorite of Koreans and foreigners alike.

The city of Jeonju, known to be the home of bibimbap, celebrates the nutritious dish each fall with the “Jeonju Bibimbap Festival” which will be held from October 9-12 at the Jeonju Hanok Village & Korean Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall.

According to, “Jeonju’s bibimbap is decorated with five colors and withholds five tastes that come from 30 different ingredients including gingko, pine nut, chestnut, walnut and fresh seasonal vegetables. It has a balanced nutrition, packed with carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals alike. It is considered the perfect food embracing the ancestor’s wisdom and scientific theory.”

The festival celebrates with lots of performances, experience programs and of course, lots and lots of bibimbap.

Event Information
Date: October 9 – 12
Location: Jeonju Hanok Village & Korean Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall

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