Jisimjung near Gwangalli Beach serves dumpling hot pots

Jisimjung near Gwangalli Beach serves dumpling hot pots

by Dynamic Busan Staff
haps Korea Magazine

Jisimjung has a very long history serving mandu jeongol (dumpling hot pot) near Gwangalli Beach.

The restaurant’s specialty features four enormous dumplings filled with mushrooms, vegetables, eggs, meat and green beans served in a large pot.

The dumplings are much larger than typical dumplings, so it is advised that at least three or four people attend to this 30,000 won serving.

This “Kaesong style” dumpling recipe comes from North Korea and its ingredients offer a delightful and addictive balance between bland and salty.

Chili powder is added for a spicy kick, while medicinal herbs in an anchovy-spiked broth simmer for more than three hours before serving.

Another popular dish is dwaeji moksal gui (grilled pork neck), also for 30,000 won per large serving.

Marinated pork neck is grilled together with potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggplant and onions. Yum.

Restaurant Information

Address: 35, Namcheonbada-ro, Suyeong-gu

How to get there: Geumnyeonsan Station (Metro line 2), exits 1 or 3. Walk toward the beach for about five minutes. The restaurant is on the left in the same two-story building as Eva’s Kai Surf.

Hours: 6 to 11 p.m., daily.

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