Keep on trucking: The 100 Food Truck in Korea

by Sue Ahn Photo by Ryu Seunghoo
The article courtesy of Seoul

The chef at the 100 Food Truck was stirred to action after witnessing the explosion of food truck cuisine taking off in America. As an expat, he was hoping to capture a few of the flavors he’s been missing from restaurants back home, making food that is filling, fresh and not cutting corners on taste.

For starters, try an order of the Real BBQ Nachos with guacamole-flavored chips as the base, piled high with 12-hour smoked pork, cheddar cheese sauce, jalapenos, pico de gallo and an unforgettable homemade sauce. Then move on over to the classic BBQ Cubano Panini with the same pulled pork paired with Swiss cheese, thin dill pickles and the house sauce and sandwiched between two pieces of whole grain bread, complimented with a side of coleslaw. For the all-out indulgent, bite into the 100 Burger, which flaunts a thick, packed patty of smoked pork and high-quality Korean beef, alongside pepper jack cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and Greek sauce. Wash that down with four thick, bite-sized pieces of grilled pork belly, topped with Nutella and paprika because why not? After all, that’s the ultimate American way: Go big or go home.

Location: Food truck catering and storefront
서울시 용산구 후암동 406-57
Haebangchon neighborhood

TEL: 010-7197-4448

Korea Tourism Organization website

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