Korean Café Quest - Coffee Montage a great place for a break

Korean Café Quest - Coffee Montage a great place for a break

by Cale Noonan
Groove Korea (groovekorea.com)

Coffee Montage, located on the east side of Seoul, is a great stop-off if you are anywhere near Olympic Park. Husband and wife team Jae Woong Shin and Mi Jung Kwon first opened the café in 2013. Since then, the business has grown and with it, the successful distribution of their beans to cafés all over Seoul. In December 2015, the couple opened a second larger location in Hanam City, where they will expand their roasting operations even further. Jae Woong and Mi Jung explain, “At Coffee Montage, we are focused on getting the most out of the coffee bean as possible.” Although there is no exact formula that applies to all coffee beans, the owners believe that each bean deserves a different kind of attention and method of roasting and extraction.

Since moving their entire roasting operation to Hanam, Jae Woong and Mi Jung have started renovating their Seongnae-dong location. The shop’s large glass windows and concrete flooring give it a sleek, industrial look, but the music, lighting and décor within add a warm and comforting element. The baristas at Coffee Montage are extremely kind and talented, and are dedicated to providing each customer with the exact cup of coffee that they are looking for.

Behind the Coffee Montage counter, an abundance of brewing equipment allows for a wider selection of coffee styles. Alongside the classics, order coffee made using the AeroPress, Chemex, Clever, or V60 Hario brewing methods. The baristas can offer a recommendation for the best brew before preparing a customised delicious cup of coffee.

Address: Coffee Montage Seongnae-dong 555-5 Gangdong-gu, Seoul

Station: Gangdong-gu Office Station (Line 8, Exit 3).

Directions: Walk straight and take the first left. Take your third left and walk until you see Coffee Montage on your right.

Cost: KRW 3,000 per cup and from KRW 15,000–KRW 30,000 per 200 g bag (includes a free coffee with purchase).


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