Korean coffee shop with a unique theme

by Naomi Blenkinsop
Stripes Korea

Poop Café is in the heart of artsy Insadong and is one of the more eccentric facets of Korean culture. Continuing their strange fascination with poop, Poop Café’s theme is not thrown in your face; who would ever think poop could be cute and pretty?

The café is filled with colorful poop-shaped note paper and there is even a tree with the poop-shaped paper used as leaves. Colorful poop-shaped pillows are available for naps and beverages are served in gorgeous toilet-shaped mugs – which can also be bought as a souvenirs. A wide range of flavored lattes and traditional Korean teas also make this a unique Korean beverage experience.

Drinks are a bit pricy so be prepared but after visiting Poop Café in Insadong, you may come to appreciate the Korean fascination with poop a little more.


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