Korean department stores gear up for Chuseok with a wide range of gift sets

Korean department stores gear up for Chuseok with a wide range of gift sets

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As Chuseok, South Korea’s major traditional holiday, approaches, leading department stores like Lotte, Shinsegae, and Hyundai are gearing up to offer a diverse array of gift sets to cater to customers’ preferences.

Lotte Department Store: has announced that it will begin selling Chuseok gift sets through September 27th.

This year, they are focusing on expanding the premium range of gift sets, including Korean beef, fruits, and other products.

They are also offering unique and rare premium gift sets carefully selected by their buyers.

One standout item is the ‘Prestige Cow No. 9 Luxury GIFT’ set, featuring premium Korean beef with a 1++ grade marbling score, priced at 3 million won.

In addition to beef, they offer a variety of other gift options, including seafood sets and dried persimmons.

Shinsegae Department Store: Shinsegae launching its first Korean beef private label brand, ‘Shinsegae Cow Hanwoo,’ which features high-quality Korean beef chosen through a rigorous selection process.

They are also focusing on fruit gifts this Chuseok, with designated production sites ensuring top-quality fruits.

Hyundai Department Store: Hyundai is offering eco-friendly Korean beef sets, new varieties of fruits and vegetables, and rare wines as part of its gift sets.

They are expanding the supply of premium gift sets, with an emphasis on value consumption.

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