Korean dining prices continue to rise sharply

Korean dining prices continue to rise sharply

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The prices of various restaurant items in Seoul and Busan have witnessed substantial increases, as reported by ‘Participation Price,’ a comprehensive price information portal under the Korea Consumer Agency.

In Seoul, Jajangmyeon now costs an average of 7,000 won, while kalguksu hovers around 9,000 won, and samgyetang is nearly 17,000 won.

In Busan, kalguksu averages nearly 8,000 won, bibimbap and kimchi stew cost around 9,000 won and 8,000 won, respectively.

Compared to the same month last year, prices for these restaurant items have risen by more than 10%, with Jajangmyeon experiencing the highest increase at 10.98%. It has climbed from an average of 6,300 won in August last year to 6,992 won this August.

Busan has also seen an increase of up to 11% in the prices of these items over the past year.

Kimchi stew has witnessed the most significant surge, rising by 11.2% from 7,000 won to 7,786 won, followed by bibimbap at 7.4%.

Furthermore, a recent survey found that domestic consumers now spend an average of 10,700 won per person when dining at hamburger franchises, marking a decrease from 2017, when over 56% of orders were under 10,000 won, now reduced to 47%.

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