Korean food apps help you place delivery orders

Korean food apps help you place delivery orders

by ChiHon Kim
Stripes Korea

Among the many food delivery apps available Shuttle is a great option for English speakers living on the peninsula. Its only setback for users may be its limited coverage as it only focuses on certain areas around Seoul, Busan, Camp Humphreys and Songtan.

If you’re in one of the smaller cities in the vicinity, don’t worry Yogiyo has you covered. Get any dish you can think of from hundreds of restaurants without having to speak Korean delivered straight to your door!

How to use Yogiyo app

Getting started with Yogiyo might be a bit of a challenge at first as it does require some familiarity with Hangeul, the Korean alphabet. Use this easy guide below and get set up, it only requires a few basic Korean words and soon you’ll be on your way to the convenience of ordering food on your phone.

  • STEP 1 Download Yogiyo app from the Apple store or Google Play.

  • STEP 2 Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll see a repeated “terms and conditions” asking for access to pictures, location info and so on. Just tap the red bar agreeing to share the information and move onto the next step.

  • STEP 3 This is another screen for other terms and conditions, but we don’t have to agree to all of them. Leave the top box unchecked as this is for agreeing to all terms. Just check the center box which is only agreeing to use the location to locate restaurants near you. Then, tap the red bar at the bottom.

Set your delivery location 

  • STEP 4 Tap the middle terms and conditions that allow the app can track your location only while you use this delivery service.

  • STEP 5 Time to show off your Korean typing skills! Type in the address and city where you live first (do not include building name or your apartment number yet). There is also a GPS button but only use that as reference as it can complicate the search to more complicated Hangeul.

  • STEP 6 Now enter your detail address (i.e. building name and apt. number) in the blank bar above red bar at the bottom. After, tap the red bar to set up your address completely.

Choose a restaurant and menu

  • STEP 7, 8 When you see this tasty screen, it means you’re ready to get started! The main screen is categorized based on the menu item. Tap one of the food pictures on the main screen, then the app will show you the list of the restaurants near you. (A black blurred photo means the shop will close soon and is not accepting orders at that time or they’re not open yet.)

  • STEP 9 Scroll through to choose the restaurant that you’re craving, and then click to see their delivery menu. The listings also have a star rating which will help you for quick reference and save you the trouble of trying to translate a Korean review.

  • STEP 10 Tap the black bar on the left bottom corner if you want to add your food to the cart. Tap the red bar if you’d like to just order the menu item you have chosen without adding any other items.

  • STEP 11 Once you’ve selected all your items and tapped the red bar, you’ve final reached the final stage of your food-ordering mission! The top box is a place where your detailed address needs to go. If you fully entered your address including your unit number and building name at the stage of STEP 5, then you can skip this box. The second box is where you should type in your phone number. When you’re done tap the third bar, check out the drop-down menu options in the next photo.

  • STEP 12 In this drop-down menu, you will see a couple of options. (I have color-coated them for your convenience):
    • Pink- “I don’t need pickled radish or side dishes.” 
    • Yellow- “Please don’t ring doorbell”
    • Green- “Call me upon arrival and I will go out to receive the delivery”
    • Red- “Please just leave the food at the door”
    • Blue- this one allows you to type in special instructions.

Pay for your meal

  • STEP 13 This is where you choose a payment method. Yogiyo offers two options. The first payment option in the red circle allows you to pay in the app. If you’re an expat, this isn’t a good option even if you have a Korean debit/credit card since proving your identity on this is beyond a hassle. The old method of payment in the yellow circle is the best option. This is a cash or card on delivery option(현장결제). The driver will bring the wireless card reader and you won’t have to enter any card info into the app.

Review the order details

  • STEP 14 Before you confirm your order, review the details including delivery fee. It’s individual for every restaurant and some of them also have order minimums so keep that in mind.

  • STEP 15 Scroll down the order information, you’ll see last terms and condition boxes for you to fill. Except for the lowest box, fill the rest of boxes to agree to the terms. After carefully reviewing your order again, hit the red bar to complete your order! 

You’ll receive a confirmation text message and wait time in a moment. It might be a bit hard for you at first, but once you learn how to use this app it will be a breeze to order food to your door. Bon appetite!


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