Korea's convenience stores start offering more vegan options

Korea's convenience stores start offering more vegan options

by Haps Staff
haps Korea Magazine

Local convenience store retailers have started offering more vegetarian and vegan options as the number of health-conscious Koreans are on the rise.

The Korean Vegetarian Union estimates there are between 1.5 million to 2 million vegetarians in the country, with 500,000 of them being vegan.

Retailers have started taking note of the rising demographics, releasing a set of new menu options that target vegetarians.

According to Korea Bizwire, CU has been selling lunch boxes, burgers, and gimbap that are entirely plant-based since last Tuesday.

“In addition to vegetarians, there has been a huge increase in demand for vegetables for health and environmental protection,” said Cho Seong-wook, head of BGF Retail’s convenience food team.

Nongshim, the nation’s top ramyeon maker, has also introduced its vegan-only offerings domestically after it had come under criticism for not selling them in Korea.

7-Eleven has also introduced a soy bulgogi burger, a mushroom and soybean kimbap and two sets of dumplings — one potato-based and the other with kalbi taste.

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