Lake Hill

by Korea Tourism Organization
Korea Tourism Organization

There stands a tall and clean building across the lake, 10km from Nonsan city. It is Lake Hill restaurant!! This building is decorated in a European style and is a restaurant that offers room and board. It is a traditional restaurant where you can enjoy a musical performance and a nice view of the lake while eating.The inside of the restaurant is well kept and every employee offers high-quality service. All meals are Western dishes with the exception of breakfast. It’s a good place to meet with family and to hold a small party.

Open 365 Days A Year

Operating Hours
Meal 12:00 ~ 21:30
Tea 12:00 ~ 23:30 

Some menu items may differ slightly in price and are subject to change without notice.
Ansim Steak (tenderloin steak) : 28,000 won
Wangsaeu-gui (grilled prawn) : 30,000 won
Badatgajae & Soansim-gui (grilled lobster & tenderloin steak) : 36,000 won
Deungsim Steak (rib eye steak) : 27,000 won

Maximum Seating Capacity

Parking Facility

Credit Cards
All Credit Cards Accepted

Local Transportation

Taxi: It takes about 10 minutes from Non-san station or Non-san Terminal.
-Take Honam highway and keep going to Nonsan City after passing the Nonsan interchange . At the Eunjeong crossroads, turn right and go straight about 10min
-Take Chun-An non sangan highway and go in the direction of the West Non san interchange till you find the signpost of Gwanchocks. Lake Hill is on the left side.

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