Maeul Bunsik — Busanjin Market’s favorite go-to

Dangmyeon (bibim cellophane noodle 3,500 won) and gimbap (2,000 won)
Dangmyeon (bibim cellophane noodle 3,500 won) and gimbap (2,000 won)

Maeul Bunsik — Busanjin Market’s favorite go-to

by Yoona Kang
haps Magazine Korea

Located around the beginning of the alley behind Busanjin Market (Jin Sijang), Maeul Bunsik has long been loved by locals. Many market-goers start their shopping or finish it up with a quick meal there.

Bunsik means flour-based food. They have many kinds of noodles with tteokbokki and gimbap.

I always have dangmyeon (bibim cellophane noodle) and gimbap, and always regret not having ordered a different kind of noodles when looking at others’ food. But I still end up ordering dangmyeon and gimbap.

I think it’s probably because I go to that area once or twice a year and dangmyeon is not common at usual bunsik restaurants.

Eating area

The food is made right after you order. It is very delicious and inexpensive. The atmosphere is no-frills and very reminiscent of an old-style Busan restaurant, but the food is delicious and always very fresh.

A word of warning — try to avoid lunchtime and parking is not available. It is open during Busanjin Market operating hours.

Restaurant Information
Maeul Bunsik (마을 분식)
Open: 7:40 am – 7 pm (Except the first and third Sundays / every Sunday in June, July, August.)
Address: Jinsijang-ro 20-6, Dong-gu, Busan
Phone: 051- 647-3325

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