Monorail transport system elevates colorful Daegu

by Lim, Seung-Woo
USAG Daegu PAO (Intern)

DAEGU GARRISON -- Daegu has elevated itself into the world of modern technology with the introduction of Subway Line 3, the first transportable monorail in Korea, to the public. The line runs from Buk-gu, Chilgok Gyenongbuk National University Hospital Station to Suseong-gu Yongji station. This route will in other words, traverse Daegu from north to south. Consequently, the Daegu Subway System will be able to provide service in all directions. That comes out to be 30 stations. Operating with three cars, the system has an overall carrying capacity of 265 passengers.

Anxious to experience his first ride on the monorail, one Camp Henry Soldier stated, "Over the past year I've seen how the construction has come along, and I had hoped the train would be up and running before I have to leave Korea. So, the timing is perfect. My friends and I plan on riding the train from one end of its route to the other."

Subway Line 3 usually operates at intervals of seven minutes. However, for busy periods such as morning rush hour, the end of the business day, and weekends, it operates at 5-minute intervals. Although designed to operate without a human at the wheel, one skilled employee will ride the monorail in order to deal with any emergency situation that might arise. If need be, they will be able to operate the train by hand.

It is easy for the designers and engineers behind the creation of the monorail system to boast about how great it is. However, to get a real assessment of the new system, it's the comments and observations by the everyday commuters that deliver a powerful message. Seeing the value in this, Daegu officials in advance of the official opening, provided area personnel with an opportunity to participate in a trial ride on the monorail. Needless to say, many people wanted a chance to give it a try. One such person was Lee, Jeung-Soon. "When I see the monorail from the ground level, I feel very scared. However, because Subway Line 3 is the first transportable monorail in Korea, I wanted to experience it. At first I was concerned that it might sway, but it was not like that. It was just like riding on the other subway systems. My worry was an unnecessary thing. Additionally, I realized that while in other subways you have no view, on the monorail, one can sightsee around Daegu. The monorail is a very big benefit for everyone."

For Kim Gyeong Suk, Buk-gu Dongchoen-dong, Subway Line 3 offers a tremendous relief from having to deal with a slow bus, and terrible traffic conditions. She said, "To be able to see the Sincheon, Kum-ho River while traveling on the monorail is a wonderful thing. I will use this public transport frequently."

As could be expected, not everyone is completely sold on the monorail. Said one passenger, "If someone loses their footing while at the station, I worry that they will fall from the sky. Some people will be afraid of the height. However, my concern may be senseless since I am sure the developers have considered all the safety factors. Also, elevators and escalators are being installed. So, I think that overall there is no reason to feel anxious about this new system. Several of the people who rode the train with me felt that it's no real difference from the current subway systems we have in operation. We noticed that when the monorail passes on a curve, you don't get an anxious feel. Instead, the feeling is comfortable. Others on the train felt the same way."

Across the board there are a lot of benefits to the new system. First, the Subway Line 3 monorail is environment friendly in that it uses electricity, and not fossil fuel. It doesn't give off smoke, and it doesn't make noise. Second, the average distance between stations is 800 meters. This means that people can easily access the subway station. Third, Subway Line 3 will become a landmark for Daegu. The station and the bridge are in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Additionally, while riding Subway Line 3, popular sites such as Shincheon, Kumho River, Suseong Pond, Seomun Market, as well as the downtown areas of the Manpyeong Intersection, Myeongduk Station, and Chilgok County, will gain even greater visibility. With the added monorail service, everything seems to be looking for Daegu. The hope is that it will become a front-runner and a model for effective and efficient transportation.

Note:  The article is a rewrite performed by the author.

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