Mouthwatering noodles at Teumsae Ramyeon

by Korea Tourism Organization
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Opened in 1981, this diminutive restaurant has been attracting customers with its mouthwatering ramyeon noodles for more than 20 years. The restaurant’s unique ramyeon recipe includes an ultra-spicy broth with lots of red pepper seasoning, chewy noodles, egg, and bean sprouts. Even Koreans, who are used to eating spicy kimchi, sometimes shed tears while eating this fare. Besides the food, the ambience is lots of fun, with interesting messages written by customers attached to the ceiling and the walls. The restaurant has created its own jargon that is recognized only by regular customers: ramyeon is called ppal-gye-tteok (spicy red soup with egg and rice cake), and yellow pickled radish is pineapple, to name a few of the coined terms. The menu board lists the price of ramyeon as W30,000 confusing first-time visitors. But don’t panic: an extra zero (0) was just added for fun!

1. Take some souvenir pictures using the walls and the ceilings as the background
2. Try putting some cold rice in your ramyeon for an  interesting, less spicy taste experience.

Restaurant Information
* Open: 10:00 am ~ 9:30 pm daily (11:00 am ~ 8:30 pm on Sundays)
* Closed: Chinese New Year’s holidays, Chuseok holidays
* Telephone: 02-756-5477
* Menu: Ppal-gye-tteok (ramyeon) 3,500 won, Kkoma gimbap (small seaweed rolls) 1,000 won, Chanbap (cold rice) 1,000 won
* How to Get There: After coming out of exit 8 of Myeongdeong Station (line 4), go walk the small street between Crown Bakery and the convenience store for about 100 meters. When you see Chungmu Gimbap, turn right and walk straight for another 20 meters, you will see it on the right side.

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