Mustering Resiliency: 51 days of improvement

by 51st Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Osan Air Base

OSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea -- The average working tour at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea, lasts around 51 weeks. In 51 words, Col. Brook Leonard, 51st Fighter Wing commander, says:

"We guard the freedom of 51 million people. We do this individually and collectively through three missions, being always ready to defend the base, executing combat operations, and sustaining the force. Therefore, we prioritize building fight tonight readiness, strengthening the base and team, growing leadership and professionalism, and driving innovative solutions."

Soon, the Mustangs and tenant units who make up Team Osan will have a chance to charge their buoyant spirits during the base's new, and innovative, 51 days of resiliency multi-event: an approximately seven-week challenge not only asking, "Are you good enough for Team Osan," but also challenging the team to focus on reducing alcohol related incidents, improving fitness and nutrition, improving volunteerism and any other goals that reassert Team Osan as a pristine and elite assignment location.

The 51 days will consist of daily reminders of resiliency-sharpening tools available on base, but will be made up of three large, team-wide events. These events include a kickoff formation run on April 10, a resiliency and wingman day May 22, and a closing picnic June 5.

There will also be "resiliency tickets" handed out prior to the events April 8, which will include a variety of ways for participants to muster their resiliency and earn stamps, which will be scored at the unit level around the base, with the winning unit having the chance to earn a compensatory day off.

The fun run will signify the beginning of the 51 days and is open to families as well. The ceremonies will begin April 10 at the fitness center with a Team Osan formation at 3:45 p.m.

May 22 will be the base's resiliency day, beginning at 5:30 a.m. on the flight line for viewing of a jumbotron-displayed resiliency video followed by a Team, Wing, Group, Squadron, Small Group and individual photo session before breakfast. Afterwards teams will disperse into smaller groups for resiliency and suicide prevention training before an afternoon SARC brief and closing remarks from the commander. Bus transport will be provided to and from the flight line. More information to come on routes and times.

The finale, and grand send off, to the 51 days takes place June 5 with a team picnic. Trophies for the top three performing teams during the 51 days will be handed out. The team will also have a chance to thank the commander and his family at the picnic.

A lot of amazing things can happen in 51 days. During a year a Osan AB, Airmen, families, ROK teammates and civilians are emboldened to make the most of their 51 weeks, running an endless relay race and staying ever-ready to pass the baton off. From April - June, every person will be challenged to see just what they can do to raise the resiliency of themselves and everyone around them. Are you resilient enough? For more information on what you can do to fully maximize your experience during the 51 days of resiliency, contact Chaplain (Capt.) Robert Bohnsack at 784-5000.

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