No Butter, No Eggs! Healthy vegan breads served at Baking Farmer

No Butter, No Eggs! Healthy vegan breads served at Baking Farmer

by Korea Tourism Organization
Korea Tourism Organization
Gangneung’s vegan bakery Baking Farmer rose to popularity with its back-to-basics breads. The bakery aims to serve healthy breads using whole-wheat flour and natural yeast as the base and adding other nutritious ingredients such as grains, vegetables, and fruits. Not only does the bakery avoid using additives or artificial flavors, it also refrains from using dairy products such as eggs, milk, and butter. The vegan bakery began when the owner decided to change his own dietary habits from fast food and processed food to a healthy lifestyle. Baking Farmer is definitely a must-visit bakery for the health-conscious.
Breads offered at the Baking Farmer are plain and simple, just like their slogan “Bread good for you rather than good to eat.” Trying sugarless breads may be unpleasant at first, but the mild natural flavors of the ingredients that are usually hidden will rise to the foreground. Lightly toasting the bread before eating will bring out even more flavor. These breads have a longer shelf life than those made with milk and eggs, serving as a convenient snack during a trip. If it’s your first time to try unsweetened breads, we recommend choosing a whole wheat bread filled with nuts. The nutty flavor of almonds and peanuts will help to fill the gap of the missing sweetness.
Baking Farmer
Address: 116, Gangyeon-ro, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do 
Operating hours: 12:00-18:00 (Subject to early closure when breads are sold out) / Closed Friday-Sunday 
Signature menus: 
Organic natural yeast heungguk whole wheat bread loaf (Basic/Nuts) 10,000 won
Organic natural yeast whole wheat bread loaf (Basic/Nuts) 10,000 won (Also sold by the slice. Inquire on-site.) 
※ Bread types sold depend on available ingredients.

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