Order in online from an English-based delivery service

Order in online from an English-based delivery service

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An English-language focused online food delivery service offering a selection of international dishes from highly selected restaurants has recently opened in Seoul.

Ynot-Takeout. com, the brainchild of Phil Neiland and an investment group, is delivering different types of food items to people in an area which never had delivery available before. It will focus on international food with an English-based system.

The service has been created for the customer by the customer. Many of the current and future customers have worked with the Ynot staff behind the scenes to perfect the service being offered.

The customers also have the power to help decide what restaurants they want listed and available for delivery. Customers can recommend restaurants they want on the list of options and the Ynot staff will work to make that happen.

This service is the first to give users a food-delivery option consisting of more of the various ethnic and multicultural cuisines that exist outside of the traditional Korean delivery items typically offered. This is also the first fully functional food-delivery service in Seoul centered around an English-based system to cater to the international, traveling and tourist community.

"Customers give us feedback about certain restaurants and about the efficiency of our service. On the financial side of things, Ynot-Takeout also has the backing of investors both in Korea and abroad," Neiland said.

"We set this up from a point of personal demand. We believe variety is the spice of life, and we wanted this variety to be conveniently available for ourselves, our friends and people like us who are on the go, busy or who just want more options to be available at a click of a button."

The service is currently operating in central Seoul in areas like Itaewon, Haebangchon, Kyeonglidan, Hannam-dong, the Yongsan Army Base Gates and Ichon.

The Ynot-takeout team is currently set with a very team of dedicated employees. Over the next year, the company hopes to expand to as many partner restaurants as possible.

Customers just have to search the list of restaurants or cuisines on the website www.ynot-takeout.com, choose the menu items they want,submit their order online and the restaurant will begin preparing the food immediately and the delivery driver will be on the way to the customer with the hot and ready dishes.

The service also hopes that in five years it can provide this service to as many communities in Korea as possible.

Cuisine choices include Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Mexican, Moroccan, Indian, Pakistani, Russian, American, West African, Chinese, Korean, continental cheeses, burgers, sandwiches and pizzas.

Currently Ynot-Takeout has a roster of restaurants representing some of the hottest and most popular dining options in the city such as Vatos Urban Tacos, Linus Bama Style Barbecue, Left Coast Artisan Burgers, Casablanca Sandwicherie, Craftworks Taphouse, Amazing Thai, Pizza Peel, Rye Post and so many more!

The operating hours are 11:30 a.m to 2:30 p.m for Lunch (Break time 2:30p.m -4:30 p.m) and from 4:30 to 11 p.m for Dinner. The service is unavailable on Tuesdays. The delivery fee is typically 4,000 won but varies based on distance.

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