Osan Bulgogi House: It Really is … Best of the Pacific!

Osan Bulgogi House: It Really is … Best of the Pacific!

by Ed Kelin
Stripes Korea

I was reading the Stars and Stripes’ Best of the Pacific magazine and saw that Korea voters picked a restaurant outside Osan AB as the best restaurant for local culture.  On my most recent trip to Osan I visited the Osan Bulgogi House for some, now world famous, Korea food.

Osan Bulgogi House serves what possibly may be the widest range of local dishes I’ve ever seen.   They have separate menus for complete lunches (6,000 to 8,000 Won) and dinners (12,000 to 15,000 won). 

The Bulgogi was really good, as were all the side dishes.  One of the food servers cooked the beef, so my meal-mate and I could focus on just eating. The veggies were crisp, not soggy.  While the food was nice and spicy, it was not burn-the-roof-of-your-mouth spicy. 

When first looking over the menu I mention to Ms. Yi, Un-Hui, the owner, that I like Korean-style dumplings.  She told me hers were the best and I had to order them—or else!  I did and of course had no regrets.

The ½ liter bottles of Cass beer are served just the way I like it—cold and quick.  I was not in the mood for soju, but it looked like there was a plentiful supply.

Ms. Yi and her team does an excellent job providing customer service.  I was there on a crowded Tuesday night and the staff quickly bussed and cleaned tables so that no one had to wait too long.

I had such an enjoyable experience I wanted to come back as soon as possible.  So, I was there the next day for lunch!  This time I had some really delicious Bibimbap.  Mine came with a fried egg on top—which is my favorite style.  My lunch-mate tried a soup dish and kept saying it was “Mmm, Mmm, Good!”  We ended our meals with giant mugs of coffee.

Osan Bulgogi House is located on a side street near the end of the Sinjang-dong Shopping Mall.  Go past the Caffe Bene and turn right on the next block.  Look for the thatched roof and the big round sign. 

When I told someone at Osan where I had eaten, they told me that was where the Osan leadership took the Secretary of the Air Force to eat when she last came to Korea.  I never asked if Secretary James also voted Osan Bulgogi House as Best of Pacific, but between all these endorsements, I cannot see anyone ever leaving disappointed.

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