Percent Craft Beer Pub a great place to chill in Daegu

by Annie
The Brazen Gourmand

The vast majority of cities I’ve visited in South Korea have a notoriously crowded, neon and flashing light laden, sensory overloading, heavily concentrated nightlife, dining and shopping district where local students, expats and tourists converge.

Although these areas are a sure guarantee for a lively night on the town, sometimes you just want a night that’s a little less…extreme.

Cue Daebong-ro in Daegu, a relatively quiet, unobtrusive street lined with craft beer bars, open air BBQ restaurants and small, intimate eateries.

On this road sits Percent Craft Beer Pub, an oasis of sorts in a city as “colorful” as Daegu.

Although they do not brew their own, Percent features an oft-changing variety of draft beers from local and international breweries as well as a significant list of bottled craft selections.

The bar is modern, intimate and open air, making for a perfect low-key evening …but don’t fret, if after a few Percent pints you get the sudden urge for Korean karaoke and a steady din of K-pop, downtown Daegu is just a few short minutes away.


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